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Events 2011

Cytogenomics and Genome Resource services available to researchers at TCAG

The Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) and The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) are hosting a one-hour web conference/webinar outlining the services offered by the Cytogenomics and Genome Resources Facility at TCAG.

The presentation will be led by Dr. Ann George, manager for the Cytogenomics Facility and will be appropriate for all levels from graduate student to principal investigator interested in learning how to access the various cytogenetic technologies available at TCAG. Applications of these technologies will be outlined with specific scientific examples.

The webinar will cover:

  1. An overview of the facility and the services offered (G-band karyotyping, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) technologies, and probe labeling)
  2. Applications of how these services are being used:
    • G-band karyotyping for different species
    • FISH technologies to detect balanced and unbalanced genome alteration (e.g. validation of array findings; chromosome breakpoint mapping; ordering of genome sequences)
    • Transgenic mapping in mouse using sequential G-banding to FISH
    • Human and Mouse Spectral Karyotyping (SKY)
  3. Sample requirements
  4. Reporting of results
We require all attendees to register so please click the following link: Register for webinar on Tuesday July 12, 1:30 p.m. EST

Please be sure to provide your name, title, institution and valid email address so that we can send you an email with webinar details and instructions.

Name: TCAG Cytogenomics Service
Summary: An overview of the Cytogenomics and Genome Resources facility at TCAG
Start Time: 07/12/2011 1:30 PM
Duration: 01:30

For questions or comments contact the TCAG Manager,

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