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Events 2011

Qiagen Seminars

Pyrosequencing® and the RotorgeneQ: Innovative Real Time Technologies for SNP, Somatic Mutation, and DNA Methylation Analysis

Time: Monday, November 28 at 2 p.m.
Place: Room 14-203, MaRS TMDT
Presenter: Frank Fischinger, MS, MBA, Senior Technical Sales Scientist, Pyromark Applications, Qiagen

Pyrosequencing™ is a real time, quantitative sequencing technology that was first developed by Dr. Pål Nyrén from Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology. The technology was further enhanced by Biotage's Biosystems, and later acquired by QIAGEN in late 2008.

Since the first Pyrosequencing™ instruments were sold in 2000, scientists have used this next generation sequencing chemistry in various academic, clinical and industrial settings for many different purposes. It has become the gold standard for CpG Methylation analysis. In this seminar the following topics will be discussed:

  • The fundamental concepts of Pyrosequencing™ technology
  • Demonstrations of how researchers are currently using QIAGEN's Pyromark™ systems for SNP, Somatic Mutation and CpG Methylation analysis.
  • Epigenetics workflow – CpG methylation research using Pyrosequencing along with other QIAGEN solutions: Epitect Bisulfite Conversion Kits, Pyromark™ PCR Reagents, and HRM platform - the Rotor-Gene Q.

Download flyer (Acrobat 43 KB)

From Cellular to Molecular: Pathway-Focused Research

Time: Monday, November 28 at 3 p.m.
Place: Room 14-203, MaRS TMDT
Presenter: Brian McNally, PhD, Application Scientist, Qiagen

Understanding the biology of living cells requires a systematic survey of the gene, protein, and pathway activities within a cell. SABiosciences, A QIAGEN company, provides a portfolio of innovative products for performing focused research studies.

PCR Arrays are an exceptionally sensitive, reliable, and easy-to-use technology for analyzing the expression of biologically-relevant genes or miRNAs by qPCR. Furthermore, this fundamental approach that combines PCR Arrays with pathway analysis has been extended to mutation profiling, DNA methylation and epigenetic regulation. The PCR Array systems are powerful research tools for uncovering mechanisms of action within a model system. They are being utilized in all areas of biological research including cancer, inflammation, toxicology, drug development and stem cell biology.

During this seminar, application examples will be used to highlight how PCR Array systems and other biology-focused research tools reliably identify the molecular changes within pathways that are important for your research. Thousands of scientists have discovered the power of these technologies. Come and learn how you can use them.

Download flyer (Acrobat 43 KB)

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