Genescript Annotation Pipeline


Genescript is an annotation pipeline developed at The Centre for Applied Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada. It's main features are gene prediction, EST homology searching, and comparative homology searching. Advanced functionality includes clustering of ESTs from dbEST, accurate EST to genomic alignments using Sim4, and a scoring system which identifies highly probable predictions.

It is free for academic users and only uses programs which are also free for academic use.


Bioinformatics. 2003 Jun 12;19(9):1177-8.

Genescript: DNA sequence annotation pipeline.

Hudek AK, Cheung J, Boright AP, Scherer SW.

Summary: Genescript uses a number of publicly available analysis programs to annotate a DNA sequence. It provides an integrated display of results from each program, and includes an evidence-based scoring system that gives informative summaries of predicted gene models.

PMID: 12801881

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