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March 29, 2000

Prestigious scientific award for two Hospital for Sick Children researchers

Scientists at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) have received two out of three of Canada’s most prestigious scientific award for biomedical research.

Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui and Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch, both senior scientists in the SickKids Research Institute, were awarded the Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC) Distinguished Scientist award for 2000. The Distinguished Scientist award, chosen through peer assessment, recognizes renowned scientists who are considered to be at the forefront of health research and among the world leaders in their field.

"It’s an honour to receive such a prestigious award," said Dr. Tsui. "It really speaks of the research excellence of The Hospital for Sick Children that two of this year’s Distinguished Scientists come from this institution, and that three other SickKids scientists have received the award in the past."

Dr. Tsui’s research focuses on understanding the genetic cause of cystic fibrosis. In 1989, he received international attention when he identified the defective gene that causes the disease. Dr. Tsui is geneticist-in chief at SickKids, head of SickKids Genetics and Genomic Biology research program, holder of the H.E. Sellers Chair in Cystic Fibrosis, and is currently president of HUGO, the international organization of scientists involved in the Human Genome Project.

Dr. Rabinovitch, head of the SickKids Cardiovascular research program and holder of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Chair at The Hospital for Sick Children, is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of congenital heart disease and related pulmonary disorders in children, as well as vascular disease.

The Hospital for Sick Children also received many other personnel awards in the March 2000 MRC competition, including:

  • Dr. Gideon Koren, Population Health Sciences research program - Senior Scientist award
  • Dr. Gabrielle Boulianne, Developmental Biology research program - Scientist award
  • Dr. Julie Forman-Kay, Structural Biology and Biochemistry research program - Scientist award
  • Dr. William Trimble, Cell Biology research program - Scientist award
  • One Centennial fellowship, five fellowships, and seven doctoral research awards were also awarded.

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