6 CANSSI Ontario STAGE HostSeq Fellowship: Call for Expressions of Interest
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Call for Expressions of Interest for the CANSSI Ontario STAGE HostSeq Fellowship

CANSSI Ontario STAGE would like to share a call for expressions of interest for the CANSSI Ontario STAGE HostSeq Fellowship. This newly minted fellowship may be of interest to Doctoral and Post-doctoral Trainees in the TCAG community. Additionally, here is a link to their tweet.

Additional details regarding the fellowship:

CANSSI Ontario STAGE partnered with the CGEn Host Genome Sequencing Initiativeto invite trainees from across Canada to apply to become a CANSSI Ontario STAGE HostSeq Project Fellow. The Fellowship provides trainee-mentor teams access to CGEn's Host Genome Sequencing Databank comprising of sequence and meta-data of 10,000 Canadians with a SARS-Cov-2 infection.

Doctoral or Post-doctoral Trainees accepted into the STAGE CGEn HostSeq Fellowship will have the opportunity to:

  • work on the frontline of COVID-19 genetics,
  • receive a stipend to support their CGEn HostSeq research project, and
  • participate in the STAGE research community.

Interested individuals can register their expression of interest here.

Poster of CANSSI Ontario STAGE HostSeq Fellowship

For questions or comments contact the TCAG Manager,

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