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TCAG Facilities

Microarray Analysis - Gene Expression and Genotyping

The Microarray Analysis and Gene Expression Facility offers a comprehensive set of microarray based services to researchers in the academic, commercial and pharmaceutical communities.

Please see our acknowledgment policy and terms of use.

We provide

  • Free initial consultation to discuss experimental design to address all steps crucial for a successful microarray experiment
  • RNA quality testing via the Agilent BioAnalyzer
  • Expression analysis and SNP genotyping on Affymetrix GeneChip or Illumina iScan technology
  • Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)
  • Statistical consultation services for simple and advanced data analysis

1. Affymetrix platform


Affymetrix oligonucleotide GeneChip® microarrays are available for both RNA analysis of gene expression and DNA analysis for mapping, association or genomic copy-number studies. The facility is an accredited Affymetrix Service Provider. For detailed information about this technology and further product information, please see

Gene Expression GeneChip ≤ 24 Samples 25-48 Samples ≥ 49 Samples
Single Cartridge Array Format
Human Gene 2.0 ST $340 $330 $320
Mouse Gene 2.0 ST $340 $330 $320
Rat Gene 2.0 ST $340 $330 $320
Human Clariom D $470 $455 $440
Human Clariom S $270 $260 $250
Mouse Clariom D $470 $455 $440
Human PrimeView Array $230 $220 $210
miRNA 4.0 $340 $330 $320
E.Coli Genome 2.0 $455 $440 $425
Plate Array Format 24 Samples 25-96 Samples ≥ 97 Samples
Human Clariom S Array (WT) $240 $230 $220
Human Clariom S Array (pico) $260 $250 $240
Human Gene 2.1 Array $310 $300 $290
Mouse Gene 2.1 Array $310 $300 $290
DNA SNP chips ≤ 22 Samples 23-44 Samples ≥ 44 Samples
Human Cytoscan HD array Please enquire
Human Cytoscan Xon array Please enquire
Additional GeneChip® Services (Excluding Arrays)
Full service excluding chip (provided by client) $175
Failed RNA sample preparation due to sample quality and/or quantity $175
GeneChip hybridization service $70
  • Additional charges may apply for samples with less than 50ng total RNA, when additional amplification or Nugen kits are needed.
  • Gene 1.0 ST arrays are available for model organisms: (see detailed list on For pricing and processing please contact the facility.

Sample preparation and submission

All RNA samples have to be delivered or shipped to the facility in dry ice.

2. Illumina platform


TCAG offers genotyping on any publicly available Illumina microarray including:

  • Whole-genome genotyping and copy number analysis using Infinium Omni arrays
  • Focused genotyping arrays, non-human chips, etc.
  • Custom genotyping using Illumina's iSelect assay, and other genotyping microarrays not listed in the table below, such as GSA

For more information on Illumina's suite of products, visit

Whole-genome Genotyping <= 96 samples 97-480 samples > 480 samples
Human Omni2.5-8 array $315 $305 $295
Human Omni2.5Exome-8 array $325 $315 $305
Human Omni5Exome-4 array $520 $510 $500
Human Global Diversity Array -8 $150 $145 $140
Human OmniExpress-24 array $190 $180 $170
Human PsychArray-24 $135 $130 $125
Human OncoArray-500k $135 $130 $125
Global Screen Array -24 $85 $82.50 $80
DNA Methylation profiling
Human MethylationEPIC array $420 $410 $400
Mouse Methylation array $325 $315 $305
Bisulphite Conversion $35 $30 $30

Sample preparation and submission

All RNA samples have to be delivered or shipped to the facility in dry ice.

3. Agilent Platform


Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) Microarray Analysis

This technology co-hybridizes a "test" genomic DNA sample labeled with one fluor and a control genomic DNA sample labeled with a different fluor to a genomic DNA microarray. The array CGH uses Agilent oligonucleotide arrays ( Other array-based technologies can be provided on request. Please contact the facility.

Sample preparation

  • A minimum of 2 µg of DNA is needed for each test sample. It is recommended to quantify the DNA prior to shipping.

Sample submission

4. RNA/DNA Analysis using Bioanalyzer or TapeStation


To verify quality and quantity of RNA or DNA samples for any downstream application, analysis using Agilent Bioanalyzer or TapeStation (Acrobat 56 KB) is available.


The fee is $15.00 per sample for either RNA, or DNA samples. This fee is waived for any RNA sample being used in subsequent microarray experiment in the facility

Sample preparation

  • Please provide an additional aliquot of approximately 5 µl RNA (approximately 200 ng/µl) diluted in water and shipped to us on dry ice with the test sample*.

    (*if also submitting for one of our microarray services).

Samble submission

5. Sample submission for Microarray or Bioanalyzer experiments

Request your service using the Clarity LabLink server. For instructions on creating an account, placing an order etc., download the following document.

The following forms are used to upload requests to your Microarray LabLink account. All forms are in Excel format unless otherwise indicated.

Samples should be delivered to:

TCAG Microarray Facility
Attention: Dr. Chao Lu

The Centre for Applied Genomics
The Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street, Room 139800
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 0A4, Canada

Facility Contact

Chao Lu, PhD

The Centre for Applied Genomics
The Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street, Room 139800
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 0A4, Canada
Tel.: 416-813-8059, Internal: 308059
Fax: 416-813-8319, Internal: 208319

For questions or comments contact the TCAG Manager,

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