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Events 2013

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops 2013

The CBW is pleased to present its 2013 series of advanced bioinformatic workshops! Please join us in another successful year.

New for 2013:

  • A three-day Pathway and Network Analysis workshop to accommodate transcriptional regulation
  • Back-to-back workshops for better skill extension and application
  • New workshops in RNA-seq Analysis and Flow Cytometry

The CBW is pleased to be offering the following advanced training opportunities in 2013 in Toronto:

  • Exploratory Analysis of Biological Data using R: May 23-24
  • Informatics for RNA-Seq Analysis: June 3-4
  • Informatics on High-Throughput Sequencing Data: June 6-7
  • Pathway and Network Analysis of –omics Data: June 10-12
  • Flow Cytometry Data Analysis using R: June 17-18
  • Microarray Data Analysis: June 24-25
  • Informatics and Statistics for Metabolomics: July 4-5

A link to the full program poster can be found at: