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TCAG Staff and Scientists

Staff photo

Autism Awareness Day 2019 and the TCAG team

Dr. Steve Scherer, Director
Dr. Lisa Strug, Associate Director
Dr. Richard Wintle, Assistant Director
TCAG Scientific Management
Dr. Gary Bader
Dr. Michael Brudno
Dr. Christian Marshall
Dr. Andrew Paterson
Dr. Adam Shlien
Dr. Martin Somerville
Dr. Michael Wilson
Dr. Ryan Yuen
CGEn Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Edward M. Rubin (Chair)
Dr. Elaine Mardis
Dr. Gabor Marth
Dr. Roderick McInnes
Dr. Richard Myers
Former Directors and Alumni
Former TCAG Scientific Management and Advisory Board
TCAG alumni

Facility Manager
Jo-Anne Herbrick
Dr. Naveed Aziz
Dr. Namrata Barai
Lead, Technology Development
Dr. Si Lok
Molecular Geneticist
Dr. Janet Buchanan
TASK Research Project Manager
Kate Tsiplova
Ontario Genomics Liaison
Dr. Dennis McCormac
Ethics Consultant
Dr. Michael Szego
Administrative Staff
MyLinh Pham
Jin Tong
Sylvia Lamoureux
Associate Investigators
Dr. Moumita Barua
Dr. Jonathan Beauchamp
Dr. Sarah Bowdin
Dr. Jennifer Brooks
Dr. Brendan Frey
Dr. Mary Ann George
Dr. Pingzhao Hu
Dr. Melanie Mahtani
Dr. Esteban Parra
Dr. Mary Shago
Dr. Mark Silverberg
Dr. James Stavropoulos
Dr. Michael Taylor
Dr. Mohammed Uddin
Dr. John Vincent
Dr. Marc Woodbury-Smith
Visiting Scientists
Dr. Jonathan Chan
Dr. Daniele Merico
Research Associates
Dr. Lisa Bradley
Dr. Zeynep Baskurt
Dr. Mehdi Zarrei
Post-doctoral Fellows
Dr. Robbie Davies
Dr. Worrowat Engchuan
Dr. Muhammad Faheem
Dr. Anath Lionel
Dr. Karin Miron
Dr. Brett Trost
Ada Chan
Lia D'Abate
Ted Higginbotham
Charlotte Nguyen
Charly Phillips
Akshaya Raajkumar
Autism Genome Project Manager
Jennifer Howe
Autism Research Unit
Patricia Ambrozewicz
Dr. James Anderson
Ny Hoang
Dr. Meng-Chuan Lai
Olivia Rennie
Dr. Anne Ritzema
Dr. Jacob Vorstman
Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research
Dr. Raymond Kim
Dr. Roozbeh Manshaei
Dr. John Okello
Dr. Miriam Reuter
Jingle Candelario
Charlene Francisco
Miranda Lorenti
Dana Madill
Marnita Manalo
Pirooz Rostami (on leave)
Carol Ann Ryan
Collaborative Projects
Dr. Bhupinder Bharaj
Reva Schachter
& Genome Resources
Jo-Anne Herbrick (Manager)
Raymond Wong
Genetic Analysis
Dr. Tara Paton (Manager)
Guillermo Casallo
Lynda Doughty
Ali Mowjoodi
Quyen Tran
Bhooma Thiruvahindrapuram
(Manager, Scientific Lead)
Joseph Whitney
(Manager, Technical Lead)
Dr. Roumiana Alexandrova
Darwin D'Souza
Omar Hamdan
Gaganjot Kaur
Barbara Kellam
Lynette Lau
Timothy Lau
Jeff MacDonald (DGV Contact)
Scott Mastromatteo
Thomas Nalpathamkalam
Rohan Patel
Dr. Giovanna Pellecchia
Wilson Sung
David Wang
Dr. Zhuozhi Wang (iPattern contact)
Dr. John Wei
Dr. Chao Lu
Sachin Desai
Lan He
Jean Zhanqin Liu
Xiaolin Wang
Helen Yu
Dr. Sergio Pereira
Dr. Tara Paton
Beverly Apresto
Nan Chen
Travis Dawson
Daniel Du
Karen Ho
Sanjeev Pullenayegum
Kozue Samler
Fiona Tsoi
Ting Wang
Statistical Analysis
Dr. Andrew Paterson
Dr. Lisa Strug
Dr. Liz Li (Manager)
Dr. Elif Acar
Jingjing Cao
Dr. Jiafen Gong
Nicky Roslin
Zhizhou Hu
Patricia Lu

For questions or comments contact the TCAG Manager,

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