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TCAG Facilities

Genetic Analysis

The Genetic Analysis Facility provides microsatellite and SNP genotyping on a variety of hardware platforms. Assays are customized to each user's needs and include capabilities for genomewide linkage or association, regional localization and fine mapping, custom panels, candidate gene analysis or individual genetic markers. Although our main focus is on human and mouse genotyping, we also provide genotyping for a variety of other organisms.

The Statistical Analysis Facility provides high-level consulting services and analytical support for projects using data either generated within TCAG, or provided by the client.

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1. Genetic Analysis Overview

The Genetic Analysis Facility provides genotyping in support of a wide variety of genetic studies. These services include genome wide scans, fine mapping and regional localization, candidate gene analysis, marker and assay development, and mutation analysis. The facility also provides genotyping services tailored for researchers working on transgenic mice or murine genetics. Genotype data can also be generated from other organisms. Please contact us for more information.

Submit samples using the LabLink server

For instructions for creating and account, placing an order etc., download the following document.

Excel templates to upload samples to Lablink:

2. Genetic Analysis Technologies

The facility generates genotype data from a variety of platforms. The platform used for each specific project is selected in accordance with project scope, cost-effectiveness, and client preference.

  • Applied Biosystems 3730xl and 3130 capillary sequencers
    • Human genome-wide microsatellite genotyping
    • UPD testing or fine-mapping human samples using microsatellite markers. Primers for other markers can be custom-ordered.
    • Electrophoresis and size-calling of microsatellite fragments from any species
    • Electrophoresis of AFLP, RFLP and t-RFLP fragments
    • Other speciality polymorphism testing (ie SLC6A4 (5-HTTLPR), DRD2 TaqI A, DRD4 exon III, MAOA)
    • SNaPshot™ multiplexed SNP genotyping
    • STR profiling for cell line verification or other QC purposes
  • Applied Biosystems Viia7 real-time PCR system
    • TaqMan® SNP genotyping
    • TaqMan® DNA Copy number analysis
  • Agena MassArray System (formerly known as Sequenom)
    • Custom SNP genotyping panels
    • Agena-designed panels (ADME, CYP2D6, others)
    • Human identification panels (SampleID/ExomeID)
  • Bio-Rad QX200 System for droplet digital PCR
    • Rare variant detection
    • DNA copy number detection
    • Gene expression

3. Mouse Genotyping

The facility performs genotyping for the following applications:

  • Modifier and QTL mapping
  • Genotyping of progeny from genetic crosses
  • Transgene identification
  • Mutation analysis

A variety of technologies are employed, including microsatellite genotyping, heteroduplex analysis and PCR-RFLP. For more information, please contact us for details.

4. Genetic Analysis Services and Pricing

All projects are custom-priced depending on the number of samples and number of markers to be employed. TCAG staff select the most cost-effective solution for each project. Please contact the facility for free initial consultation, project design assistance and a quotation.

Service Price per sample
Electrophoresis of fluorescent-labelled products $1.50 - 48 samples or more
$2.00 - less than 48 samples
Microsatellite genotyping (human) using TCAG primers $4.00
Taqman SNP genotyping $2.00 plus cost of probes
Digital PCR please enquire
Mouse tail DNA extractions $5.00
PCR-based genotyping $4.00
STR profiling ** for research purposes only **
Cell line authentication (GenePrint® 10 System - 10 markers) $20.00
Cell line authentication (GenePrint® 24 System - 24 markers) $40.00

5. Facility Contact

Tara Paton, PhD
Genetic Analysis Facility

The Centre for Applied Genomics
The Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street, Room 139800
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 0A4, Canada
Tel.: 416-813-7654 ext. 303579
Fax: 416-813-8319, Internal: 208319

For questions or comments contact the TCAG Manager,

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