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News 2012

New Database of Genomic Variants updated

The New Database of Genomic Variants (Beta version) has recently been updated. In this article, we will give an overview of the data added, and highlight the changes that have been made to the website.

The latest updates include four new datasets, and we have incorporated an additional 12 original studies into the new database. We have updated and included new annotations, and implemented a number of modifications and corrections to the existing data to improve the overall functionality of the database. The database is accessible at the following location;

This will be the last update of the DGV Beta site, and this version will transition to become the new Database of Genomic Variants following a brief period of review. With this final update, we have incorporated all of the fully curated and accessioned versions of the original studies in addition to 10 new datasets. Once the transition is complete, our new home page will be available at , and links to the original database will be automatically redirected here.

There are a number of changes to the content and format, and over the next few weeks, please test the database and send feedback to us so that we can make the required changes before launching the new site. For those researchers or collaborators that have links to the old database, we will keep the underlying database active so that users will have the opportunity to develop new, stable links to the new database, while still maintaining a fully functional system.

In addition we will continue to provide a track of the original DGV data in the genome browser (gbrowse) with fully functional links to the variant details page. This will ensure that all data (new and old) will be fully available to users.

The full newsletter is available at our website at:

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