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News 2015

New journal npj Genomic Medicine now open for submissions

npj Genomic Medicine is an open access, online-only international journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality research in all aspects of genomics and its application in the practice of medicine.

The journal invites submissions describing diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and/or treatment informed or enabled by genomics approaches. An emphasis will be placed on studies that combine detailed phenotype and genome sequencing information, both enabled by new technologies and informatics, to delineate the underlying aetiology of disease. Studies of individuals, families or populations will be considered for publication.

Publishing with the journal offers authors a number of benefits, including:

  • Assurance of the highest possible publishing, editorial and production values, guided by Nature-codified standards.
  • Open access: a recent study* indicates that open access articles may result in increased visibility and citation of your research.
  • Professionally written Editorial Summaries to accompany each article, opening up your research to interested patient groups and their families.
  • Wide dissemination and global reach: articles published under a Creative Commons license are permanently and freely available for all to read, use and cite without restriction, whilst authors retain the copyright to their article.
  • Compliance with international open access funding mandates.

Visit the journal website to learn more about npj Genomic Medicine, including the full aims and scope. For guidance on the open access funding available to you, email

About the journal

npj Genomic Medicine is led by Professor Stephen Scherer, who is supported by a team of internationally renowned Associate Editors:

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Professor Stephen Scherer PhD, DSc, FRSC The Centre for Applied Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre, Toronto, Canada

  • Professor Mohammed Al-Qahtani, PhD, Executive Director, Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research, KAU, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Professor Stylianos E. Antonarakis, MD, PhD, Director of the Division of Medical Genetics, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Professor Charis Eng, MD, PhD, Director, Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
  • Dr. Stephen F. Kingsmore, PhD, Executive Director of Medical Panomics, Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, USA
  • Professor Charles Lee, PhD, Scientific Director, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Maine, USA
  • Professor Dennis Lo, MD, PhD, Director, Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

npj Genomic Medicine is part of the Nature Partner Journals series, and published in partnership with the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research, at King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The journal retains editorial independence from the partner.

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